Top 10 blogs on digital marketing to discover

Top 10 blogs on digital marketing to discover


There are a multitude of blogs related to digital marketing to discover throughout the Francophonie, and many are of very high quality. Whether in France, Belgium or Canada, there is something to read excellent articles in the language of Molière in 2015 🙂

What marks me in relation to the ranking of the best French-language blogs I made last year, is that the historical blogging players in France, Belgium and Canada are competing in terms of content quality by newcomers who often offer a tone and a way of presenting new publications. And it’s a hell of a lot of good news!

I decided to present the blogs that inspired me most and interested in terms of content during the past year. And you will see that there is a lot of change compared to last year!

For this selection, I created a Twitter list of all the French blogs that I consider the most interesting, do not hesitate to take a look if you are interested or if you want me to add you. The choice has obviously been complicated and is based simply on my impressions of the moment. No score depending on the number of fans or influence, which I think will appeal to Cédric Hoareau who had written an interesting article on the subject .

Without further ado here is my ranking of the best blogs dealing with digital marketing that I invite you to discover in 2015.

1. Moderator’s Blog

No surprise to start this ranking, the number 1 last year keeps its place in 2015. For me the Blog Moderator is a bit Roger Federer blogs related to digital marketing (and from a Swiss is a great compliment!) with always interesting articles and an editorial line that has evolved over time. A must absolutely!

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