5 Interesting Facts About PDFs You've Never Heard Before

5 Interesting Facts About PDFs You’ve Never Heard Before


Ever wondered why computer geeks love PDF files? From eBooks to video game manuals and school exams, the PDF is the most preferred document file type of choice.

Why is this the case? What makes it popular and where did it come from?

Get all the answers and more interesting facts about PDF you’ve never heard of before right here:

1. The PDF is Almost 30 Years Old

Did you know that the PDF is almost as old as the World Wide Web? The first PDF file and Adobe Acrobat both went live on June 15, 1993. This makes the PDF 27 years old, as of the time of writing.

However, PDF files from the 1990s aren’t the same as the ones made today. Over the years, PDF files gained new features, some of which computer geeks utilize to help people with disabilities. Newer PDF files now feature text-to-speech, user comments, and more.

2. Most-Used File Format Online

The PDF format is the most popular file type in the world. There are billions of PDF files floating around in emails, cloud storage files, social media, and online archives. This beats other popular file formats such as MP3, DOCX, and JPEG.

How did this happen? Think about all the PDF files you’ve had to fill up at government offices, schools, at work, and even for video games. Most establishments use and archive PDF files by default and it’s the default file type for manuals and business presentations.

3. Portable and Open Source

Did you know you can use something like Spire PDF to access or customize PDF files into HTML? Did you know you can optimize PDF files to feature keywords on headers, meta tags, and more so that it becomes SEO-friendly and easy to find on search engines like Google?

A PDF is also quite portable. They’re often small in size, meaning you can carry a PDF of 200 or more pages in an ordinary USB flash drive or send it via chat apps like Facebook Messenger.

4. Most Secure File Type

Ever wondered why a computer geek prefers PDF files over any other format? One of the main reasons is because it’s easy to secure a PDF with passwords or other security measures. Even if someone manages to copy the file, they won’t be able to access it.

This is why government offices and schools prefer PDFs. The level of security remains unmatched and yet easy to utilize, enable, and disable.

5. Flexible for Computer Geeks

A PDF isn’t for text only. You can add 3D modeling to a PDF file. You can even add video files or audio files.

Modern PDF editors and readers even allow you to add text-to-speech features. You can convert TXT and DOCX files to PDF and vice-versa. This makes PDF one of the most versatile file types available.

Discover More Fun Facts With a Computer Geek Squad Today

The PDF is so versatile, secure, and portable that it comes as no surprise why computer geeks love using it. However, it’s not the only fun topic to discuss.

If you want to discover even more cool tech tidbits, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to read more of our lists right here to learn more!

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