6 Overlooked (but Effective) Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

6 Overlooked (but Effective) Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads


Did you know that companies that focus on, and excel at nurturing their leads can generate over 50% more ‘sales-ready’ leads at an incredible 33% lower cost?

Look, we know it’s a mouthful, but it’s the truth. Companies, particularly real estate, need to focus on their lead generation strategies. One of the biggest problems is generating real estate leads.

So, what do you do to improve? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for the tried-and-true ways to generate real estate leads.

Focus On Your SEO

This phrase is probably something you’ve come across a hundred times in researching your lead generation tactics, that’s because it’s true!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what’s going to help your website improve its search engine rankings. Real Estate SEO isn’t easy though.

We suggest that you start with an audit of your website, check through things like meta descriptions, page loading speeds, CTAs on each page, the user-friendliness of your website, and last but not least, how responsive your website is to mobile viewing.

Starting a Blog Baby!

A blog to content marketing is like bread to a PB&J sandwich, they belong together.

Starting a real estate-focused blog is a surefire way to generate yourself qualified leads. Did you know that some 57% of businesses say that they’ve acquired customers as a result of their blog?

Create written content for your blog that is relevant to your audience, and helpful, you won’t go wrong.

Increase Social Media Usage

Salespeople that use social media actively, and often, are reportedly more successful than their peers. Social media is like word-of-mouth on steroids.

A friend of a friend is looking for a 3-bedroom apartment, your friend is a mutual friend. Your mutual friend tags you in the recommendation request because of the new listing you mentioned at this past weekend’s barbecue. You make contact because you’re that active on social media. Boom! You have a viewing set for next week.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Every time you have a successful sale or purchase, you should encourage these customers to share their positive experiences online.

Many people will use online reviews nowadays to help convince them of a business’s reputation. Positive reviews are likely to influence the searcher to use your organization. Use reviews to your advantage, ask your customers to leave reviews on your social media pages, and if you can showcase them on your website too!

Tap Into Private Sales

Many homeowners may be determined to make a property sale, or purchase on their own. As you well know, the process can be a long, tiresome journey.

Allocate a certain amount of time each week to finding listings that are private sales, and reach out to these owners with information on how and why you can help them make a quicker sale with less stress. You may get a couple of no’s along the way, but eventually, these leads will turn to gold.

Use Social Media Advertising

The thing about paid social media advertising is that you can really hone in on that targeting process.

Think about it this way. A couple that has recently become engaged, or recently been married, will most likely be looking for their first home together to start a family. You can use social media advertising to target these people specifically with clever marketing messaging.

Successful Real Estate Leads

Finding a winning balance between real estate leads and real estate conversions can be tough, and no solution will give you overnight success.

The lead generation strategy is a long journey, that may require you to make unplanned stops and direction changes over time. Be open to this, make sure you’re ready to learn and adapt.

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