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Are keywords really that important for link building in 2022?


With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and tons of other technological updates, a thought against the use of keywords is creeping around. People are whispering to each other that keywords are no more useful in SEO and link building. But what if we tell you that this all is nothing but sheer ignorance of a naive. Keywords are still more important in 2022 and will be beyond for many more years to come. People deny this because they do not get their desired results. Reason? Lack of expertise. This is the reason all the commercial giants invest large in SEO and digital marketing. We always suggest people to go for experts like Digital White Labels (best Link Building Services) that has been shaping websites into dreamlike states using years of expertise – .

When it comes to keywords, link building gets affected hugely due to them. We will tell you how it gets affected and what you can do.

Impact of keywords on link building.

When you talk about link building and keywords, several factors come into play. When weaved well, these factors can work together in harmony and lift your website to the cloud 9 position. So, what are these different factors that affect keywords and link building together?

  • Anchor text
  • Primary and Secondary Keyword
  • Search Intent
  • Content for third party websites
  • Keywords for main website’s content

We will be discussing these factors one by one and then bring them together to clarity!

The correct use of Anchor Texts

Anchor text is the text that is clickable and leads to another website or webpage. In simple terms, the text that has been hyperlinked is generally called Anchor Text. When evaluating link building, search engines consider the anchor text and to what page it links. Google frowns upon spammybehavior. But what actually is spammybehavior?

A spam simply is an attempt to manipulate and direct customers to the place we desire instead of letting them lead naturally. We will take this simple example – Suppose you have a newly opened restaurant in your locality. You want this shop to thrive and expand. What you must naturally want is to cook high-quality delicious food and see the results happening naturally? But you think one day “Why not to trick people into the restaurant?”. For this, you opt for many tricks. For example, you hire some people to keep occupying the seat every morning to make passersby think that this restaurant has something to it. Another thing you do is to give people money to recommend your restaurant to others by saying that your food is out of the world. This is spammybehavior.

Google suggests that anchor texts must be relevant to the place they are directing. For example, you would not want to use ‘link building services’ as anchor text and hyperlink it with a website that is about chocolates. The anchor texts should be relevant.

Here are some different types of anchor texts:

  • Exact Match anchor texts.
  • Partial Match anchor texts.
  • Generic Keywords as anchor texts.
  • Text contained in an image as anchor text.
  • Brands used as anchor texts.
  • Naked links. For example, using the complete URL anchor text.

The general belief is that anchor texts should not be irrelevant. Many scammers use irrelevant anchor texts. Suggests Digital White Labels, best Link Building Services should always be sought if the vision is for long-term.

Primary and Secondary keyword

Now it comes to the keywords. Keywords suggest search engines that a particular page or website is about a certain thing. When we use keywords as targeted keywords, we tell Google that the page or article is about it. What it does is that it helps Google or other search engines get an idea about your content and then put that content on SERP against a user query.

One thing that we always tell people is to not over-optimize as this will alarm the search engines about suspicious activities. If too many in-bound links are having the same anchor text then it will not be good for your website. What you would want to do is to find similar keywords. It is like a brain where you would want to nourish it completely and not overstrain a single gyrus.

Keep on distributing and varying your anchor text between your primary and secondary keywords. If you have no idea about what you have to do, says Digital White Labels, best Link Building Services is what you need to nourish your website with.

Search Intent

Lately, Google has been laying a lot of its focus on search intent. It is to make the internet a good place to surf and let users have a better experience rather than getting manipulated. This is why it has spent billions on A.I., NLP, and Deep Learning to try to understand the search intent and understand the website’s content too.

Search Intent is simply the intention with which a user visits the internet. It is generally divided into 4 areas –

  • Informational Intent – When a user visits a page to learn something about something.
  • Navigational Intent – People want to get guided to a specific place they have in mind.
  • Commercial Intent – People want to investigate and know more about products or services they want to buy.
  • Transactional Intent – People want to buy a specific product or service they have in mind.

Content for Third Party Websites

We also call this as guest posting. It simply means that you are not waiting for people to write articles and then link to you but you yourself are writing blog posts for other websites. The intent is to create links for your websites. One must use proper copywriting skills while writing these posts as it might backfire.

When you shape the content of the guest posts with proper care and consciousness, you ensure that the search metrics of that post go generally high. This passes on the link juice to your website.

Using keywords the right way for link building!

Now you have a basic understanding of the factors that impact link building and keywords alongside. Let’s now look at what you would want to do and what you would want to avoid.

When using anchor texts on guest posts, make sure you are including diversity in the keywords and that you are using exact or partial match anchor texts. Using similar anchor texts too many times indicates that you are trying to manipulate your rankings irrespective of your content.

When it comes to informational intent, you would want to use it for your own website. For example, you might want to use “different luxury furniture” as anchor text and write informational content for your blog posts.

If the intent is to make people buy your product, you will want to use keywords with transactional intent. For example, you might use “buy now” and use the landing page as the inbound link placed.

The idea is to provide value and not manipulate. Scamming might earn you a few thousands for some time, but it will make you suffer for miles beyond. If your intent is to see your brand rise in good terms and provide value, then you must provide value too and wait for SEO to help naturally. Use expert services. We suggest you Digital White Labels best Link Building Services – . Check out their plans and see what you need help with.

And always look for backlinks with high DA and PA scores.

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