long does it take to be referenced in Google

How long does it take to be referenced in Google?


Whether it’s creating a new website, a blog, or an ecommerce site, one critical question remains: how long does it take to be referenced in Google? Which SEO variables make it possible to appear faster in the search results? How to speed up positioning in the Google search engine?

To appear on the first page of Google you just have to get indexed by the search engine, and thus enjoy a good SEO (SEO) . But how ? And especially how long does it take to be indexed in Google?

Is there a rule or a method when we see that it depends on so many key parameters like site ranking, competition, budget, skills and that we see that a page can be referenced after several months, even years, while others are sometimes just in an hour or two?

Ahrefs, the famous tool for analyzing the popularity of websites and tracking their backlinks, has conducted an interesting study and partly answers this question.

Source of the article

How old is your page the best referenced?
This study looks at the age of the most referenced page of a website. For this, the publisher has randomly extracted from its database 2 million keywords and analyzed for each of these keywords the average age of the top 10 classified pages.

The age of the page is calculated from the moment it was first seen by the publisher’s “crawl” (or analysis) tools.

How long to be indexed in Google?
As can be seen from this graph, the average age of pages in the top 10 search engine rankings is more than two years.

And those in the first position have an average age of three years.

Finally only 22% of the pages on the first page of Google are less than a year old.

Average age of pages indexed in Google
The publisher was then interested in the pages of less than a year to determine for each position on the first page of Google indexing percentage of these “young” pages.

Percentage of pages under one year at the top of Google rankings
And the results are not encouraging for those who want to reference its website on the front page of Google, because the SERP are clearly dominated by “old” pages in other words those having more than one year of existence.

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