Ted Joseph hired as the New CEO of Vuuzle Media Corp

Music Industry Legend – Ted Joseph hired as the New CEO of Vuuzle Media Corp


Vuuzle Media Corp hired the music industry legend – Ted Joseph as the new CEO of the company to unfold its secret technology and launch the 2-way OTT streaming platform. Yes, you have heard it right! Ted, as a new CEO of Vuuzle will be promoting the technology while setting up the marketing and distribution, unleashing the secret technology and its 2-way streaming platform along with its live streaming application in early 2019.

More About Ted Joseph

Ted has helped the music legends to reach next level and over three decades. He is diligent in his strengths to break the new labels and indie artists that has given him a unique and dual expertise. He has gone to improve his strengths learning the ropes of marketing, radio promotion, sales and distribution through traditional ways of doing business. He has acted as an independent consultant in all these realms and has become a leading cutting-edge force in the new world of streaming and digital download age.

His career has been multi-faceted, including 20 years with Records and Warner Distribution, Warner Bros, and many more as a consultant for EMI/Capitol, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Universal Distribution, Sony Distribution, and BMG Distribution. Ted has been associated with over 100 gold and platinum recording for artists in wide range of genres, from pop and urban to county and contemporary jazz.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Ted as a CEO at Vuuzle

As told earlier, Ted will be emerging the technology of Vuuzle while setting up the marketing and distribution, unleashing the secret technology and its 2-way streaming platform in sync with the live streaming application in early 2019.

Vuuzle Media Corp President, John lamb said that Ted Joseph has worked with some of the most talented artists around the globe and is the best CEO for Vuuzle Entertainment. His artist credits include the big names of John legend, Robin Thicke, Taylor Swift, Trace Adkins, Madonna, Timber lake, Eric Clapton, Joe Sample, Kayne West, Ice-T, Prince, Fourplay, Green Day, and many others.

Ted is still working with the big 3- Sony, Warner Brothers and Universal, breaking records for the newly signed artists as well as the artists of the past. He even sits on the Advisory Board for Apple Music using his talent and creativity.

More about Vuuzle’s New Platform

Till date, no other OTT platform has 2-way social media distribution. Vuuzle network will allow the users to communicate with each other while streaming live TV, movies, and gaming. All this will be organized into their visual 3D social media software through Vuuzle’s Cloud 9 portal. This will be an awesome platform for communication between family and friends. The gamers will surely love this feature as they can be viewed by millions of people across the world while showcasing their talent.

These awesome features and cross-pollination of live streaming, social media and television will allow the influencers to increase there following while the network will create new programming and content.

Vuuzle Media Corp will also produce more channels via live streaming, thereby allowing the influencers to own Vuuzle television channels so that they can easily grow their brand and followers across all media platforms.

The Plans of Expansion

This platform will be delivering unique content and live streaming events. The Vuuzle Fight Network, fashion shows, micro social news, extreme sports, music, award shows and more will be the highly stream-able content that would be available on this platform.

Vuuzle will further be monetizing all its platforms from programmatic advertising through its ad exchange banking partners who will be driving bumpers, advertising and commercials 24 hours a day from the top-tier advertisers across the globe. Vuuzle will offer 15-30 seconds commercials to its advertisers on Vuuzle OTT distribution platform. These ads will be seen on Vuuzle networks and mobile devices via 2-way streaming platforms.

In future, the company plans to integrate AR and VR technology into their software to be in the league of innovators in content delivery space.

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