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The Modern Way of Reaching Your Workforce Through an App


Everybody uses their mobile phones nowadays. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t own one, especially since it’s the main source of communication for everyone. And if everyone in your company has a smartphone, the better. Sure, you can send everyone a message for announcements. But it’s not a professional way to keep them updated. You will need a more reliable internal communication app to keep everyone connected and for you to reach your entire workforce in real-time. We all know how important it is to keep everyone up to date, and this internal communication app from can do the job. ensures rich and meaningful communication between your employees with their impactful and immeasurable internal communication tool. It’s the best app that anybody can use, and your employees can download it on their smartphone. You can now keep your employees aligned and informed. Miscommunications are now a thing of the past with an effective internal communications app from!

Bringing Your Entire Workforce Together

The internal communication app from is designed to keep everyone in the loop in real-time. You can easily keep your workforce informed with the latest announcements without a beat.’s internal communication app is very efficient because it can cut through any problems, such as language barriers, organizational silos, and time zones. Everyone is on the same page, and you can keep track if everyone has read critical information that you just shared with them. The best part is that these apps are designed for the modern workforce who uses mobile phones to stay connected.

The award-winning internal communication app from can get your entire workforce together. From your administration to frontliners, and those in the headquarters. Even with their different roles, everyone can understand each other and work together more effectively. Plus, the app is very easy to use. There’s no learning curve since it’s designed to work like any other social media apps. It’s the easiest internal communication software everybody can use instantly!

Reach Your Employees Right Away

If you’ve been having a hard time reaching your entire workforce before, you won’t be having the same problem now. All you need is the internal communication app from to help you reach all of your employees in just a snap. Broadcast important announcements, company news, policy changes, reports, and any updates. You can bridge the gap due to ineffective emails with a mobile-first internal communication app made by for every professional in need. With the easy drag and drop interface, you can create custom templates that you can easily set up in the app itself.

If you have a multilingual workforce, you have nothing to worry about because of the in-app translations. They can choose their language of choice to translate any messages and communications. Lastly, maintain a 100% effectiveness through targeted delivery. You can create groups for different departments or roles to stop information overload. They might feel that some announcements are irrelevant, and they might skip them. Give them relevant information only that’s useful to them by creating roles.

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