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5 Benefits of Using Video Intercom System in Homes


In today’s day and age, installing a high-tech video door phone at home is not a lifestyle choice but a necessity. Integrated with innovative features, an intercom system with a video feature not only safeguards your precious property but also keeps a close watch on your loved ones.

Looking for a mechanism that can provide an unparalleled level of security for your home? Consider installing a video door phone! The device protects homes of all sizes against any form of threat, intrusion or vandalism. Designed with an inbuilt microphone and state-of-the-art camera, the video intercom transmits crisp visuals along with distinct audio to help screen individuals and prevent entry to unwelcome visitors. Let’s throw some light on the top benefits of mounting a video door phone in independent homes.

  1. Two-way Communication for Visitor Identification: No guessing games regarding who is standing at your doorstep! Since the video door phone allows you to hear and get a good view of who is outside, it ensures accurate visitor identification. You can weigh the potential risk and then decide whether or not it is prudent to grant access to the caller. In fact, the two-way communication is a wonderful measure to keep strangers and persistent salesperson at bay.
  2. Effective Supervision of Home in your Absence: Nervous about security issues as your home remains vacant throughout the day? Do not fret! With the high-tech system in place, you do not have to worry about anyone barging into your personal space while you are away. Given that the apparatus activates and starts recording images the moment someone knocks on the door or presses the bell, the chance of a crime being committed in your absence is pretty slim.
  3. Provides Reliable 24/7 Surveillance: With the crime scenario at an all-time high, the security level of a home is a big consideration for most residents. Hiring a guard for supervision can be expensive. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the safety of your home will not be compromised.  The hand of an insider in theft and vandalism is not unheard of right? Implementation of modern intercom system at the entryway is the key. It is a reliable mechanism that keeps 24/7 vigil upon the premises, regardless of whether you are around or not.
  4. Unlocks Main Door Electronically: Another excellent advantage of this security device is that it can unlock the main entrance electronically. The hand’s free operation is a big plus for the elderly and the disabled who are plagued with mobility issues. After verifying the identity of the caller, they can allow access to the visitor without physically getting up to open the main door.
  5. Offers an Extra Level of Security: The technology is integrated with innovative features that provide an additional layer of security. There is the provision of extra monitors that enable a clear view of visitors at the check-point from any part of the home. Also, the night vision feature helps spot suspicious activities and prowlers distinctly no matter what type of light or weather conditions are prevailing.

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of installing a video intercom system at home, don’t hesitate! The convenient security tool offers terrific functionality and a host of benefits that can turn your independent home into a safe haven. Apart from keeping a close watch on the premises and helping thwart unauthorised entry, the device provides a sense of comfort that your property, assets and loved ones are protected at all times. However, make sure you buy the right one from a reliable company to take advantage of the modern features.

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