Top 8 Reasons MilesWeb VPS Hosting is Best for Your Fastest Growing Website

Top 8 Reasons MilesWeb VPS Hosting is Best for Your Fastest Growing Website


It must be exciting to know that your website is growing and becoming successful. You must be getting thousands of visitors each day and your revenue must have risen leading to extending your website with new features probably, you might even think of a new marketing campaign to get even more traffic. Now that’s where the trouble lies. Your current shared hosting plan may not meet up the requirement of your heavy website functionalities and huge traffic spike. It becomes a battle to carry on with current demands, installing new apps and growing traffic.

What’s the quick fix? Before a while, only a dedicated server could fulfill the demand of such website. But that would become quite expensive and also you may end up paying for the resources that you might not really need.

To bridge the gap between these two hosting services, (virtual private server) VPS came into existence. It is a hosting solution that will meet the website needs of your constantly growing website.

There might be plentiful hosting providers in the market that provides hosting service for cheap VPS india. One such provider is MilesWeb. They provide reliable service for your VPS server, powered by digital ocean hosting.

Let’s take a detailed critique on why MilesWeb VPS hosting is the perfect solution.


A VPS is a physical server which is divided across multiple virtual servers. The number of resources you get with your virtual private environment can solely be used by your website only. That means you get dedicated resources with your VPS. Unlike shared hosting, you don’t need to share your server resources with other websites. Neither, you have to spend over your budget for a dedicated server because you get all of this with your VPS.

Another big difference with shared hosting is that each single VPS has its own operating system which is beneficial if you want to install any apps of your choice on your server. Also, the performance of your website will not be affected by any activities of other accounts on the physical server. In short, you can call it a mini dedicated server. Here, we have described 8 reasons why MilesWeb VPS hosting is best for your fast-growing websites.

  1. Security

MilesWeb VPS server is more secure than any shared server. Reason being all your data and apps are stored in a virtual environment which is independently a separate entity. Even if there is a malware infection on any other account on the same VPS it is impossible to affect your server. As a managed VPS provider, MilesWeb offers a range of security measures which includes OS updates, monitoring, firewalls and backup reduces the changes of any web attacks to your website. Your current shared hosting plan may not meet up the requirement of your heavy website functionalities and huge traffic spike.

  1. Cost-Effective

When your website outgrows a shared hosting service and you need to upgrade to a dedicated server, it might burn a hole in your pocket. Thus, as mentioned earlier, a VPS is a midway solution between both- shared and dedicated server.

MilesWeb VPS plan starts just at Rs.860 per month. You can choose your plan depending upon your requirement of disk storage, RAM, number of vCPUs etc.

Hence, your website gets what it needs that too within the budget.

  1. Easy upgrades

Although you have begun with a basic package, later your website requirement will grows, you can easily upgrade your existing package to a higher one. MilesWeb offers 14 different packages to choose from, each one of it providing more power, memory, storage capacity, etc.

  1. Ability to run apps

In a VPS, you get full control over your server. As you get an individual virtual server for your website, you have the ability to run any apps you want or select your choice of operating system.

You can fully customize your server to meet your website needs, with no restrictions of your web host. Different than the shared host, where there is a common configuration for every user.

  1. Performance

A major drawback for shared hosting users is that high traffic even on a single website can result in slowing down of other websites on the same server.

But, with a VPS server, no activities of another website will affect the performance of your website.

  1. Less downtime

If your physical server goes down, the MilesWeb VPS can be immediately reboot to another physical server means your website and applications will not have any interruption and those will keep on running. Thus, making it an ideal choice for a business that needs to be online 24/7.

  1. Multiple VPS can be used

You can run different applications on your multiple VPS servers. So, in case you wish to run an individual development server or use two VPS with separate configurations for different apps you have the ability to do so.

  1. VPS management

All your server management tasks will be taken care of by the MilesWeb team of experts. They not only deploy your VPS server but also optimize and manage it for you.


MilesWeb VPS hosting is an optimal choice for growing business websites. You don’t have to overpay for a dedicated server neither worry about exceeding limits of your shared server. If you are looking for a VPS server, consider getting MilesWeb.

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