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Is it Possible to Resell Books on Amazon Profitably?


Many third party vendors know that getting the books that are selling fast is the best way to make money on Amazon. Many beginners always ask if it’s possible to resell books profitably on Amazon. Well, the answer is a big ‘Yes’. You can actually earn a living from selling used books on AMZ.

Which are the Most Ideal Places to Look for Books?

There are different options for sellers who intend to sell used or new books. It’s important to note ta

Hat selling used books is the easier option for beginners. For sellers looking to sell new editions, they can look for them in any of the following places:

1. Wholesalers

This is an ideal option for sellers who have the ability to purchase the books in bulk.

2. Distributors

Distributors are tasked with assisting publishers to sell their books; distributors normally sell books at higher prices than wholesalers.

3. Publishers

Certain publishers sell their books directly to willing individuals. However, they can only sell them in extremely huge quantities.

Any of the above options is ideal for sellers willing to purchase books in bulk. This leaves us asking ‘can you sell used books on amazon?’ Yes. You can make tons of money from reselling books on AMZ. If you don’t have the necessary capital to purchase new books, there are several places you can get used books and resell them at a profit.

4. Sales

You need to check the local book stores to see if they have any available sales. These bookstores could be trying to clear their inventory; this can make it possible to get used books at lower prices.

5. Thrift Stores

Thrift stores usually sell several books at cheaper books; these places don’t always carry out their research, meaning that the prices of their books may be underpriced. You can take advantage of the same and purchase books at a lower price and resell them at lower prices.

6. Library Sales

Libraries are always selling the book that they don’t need; it’s one of the most ideal ways to earn money from selling used books online.

7. Yard Sales

Many people sell their used books via yard sales; if you have the time, you can look for yard sales where you can purchase used books.

8.Estate Sales

Estate sales are mainly meant to do away with the books that are disposable. If you come across books that are being sold at lower prices, you should purchase them and resell on Amazon.

9. Various Online Marketplaces

You can visit various sites like Facebook, eBay, and Craigslist Marketplaces to get used books at affordable prices.

Final Say

The most important thing when looking for books to resell on Amazon is to let potential sellers know that you are in search for books that you can resell. This is the surest to ensure that you access used books easily. At the end of the end of the day, ensure that hen you are listing your books you’ll make profits.



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