Smart TVVS Regular TV

Smart TVVS Regular TV


From phones to smartphones, from devices to smart devices, and now, from TV to smart TV. Everything is getting smarter these days, isn’t it? But how is it getting smarter? You have Alexa and Siri to make lists, book hotel rooms, and make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Does your TV do that too now? No, that’s not true. Luckily, you don’t need another device to make your grocery lists rather, you do need one for HD streaming! But that’s not all a smart TV is. Let’s go into more detail to see what it is and how it differs from a regular TV.

What Is A Smart TV?

A smart TV enables you to stream from video services such as Netflix and at the same time, you can also connect to the internet. Just as you had a regular TV that was connected to a cable which is how you could access multiple channels, a smart TV uses the internet and streaming services for your entertainment. Instead of you using Netflix on your phone or laptop, you use it on your TV.

What Can They Do?

Smart TVs have a range of functions that they can do. You can use it for entertainment and stream movies and TV shows. You can watch the news or stream sports as well. Some smart TVs come with voice control. You can use it to search for any new movie or TV show on the internet. You can also use it to search for things like the weather and news, etc. Why watch YouTube on your phone when you have a smart TV to watch it on.

Newer models of smart TVs are coming with more than just voice control options. Instead of just searching on the internet, you can use a smart TV to switch off the lights or control other smart devices. It is somewhat like the brain or central hub of your home. To work properly, however, they would need to have a reliable and speedy internet connection. If your internet connection is choppy, that can cause your smart TV to not work as well as it’s supposed to. So, you should look for the best TV and internet bundles to be able to get a smooth streaming experience.

How Is It Different From Regular TV?

Regular TVs come in different sizes and different video resolutions. Depending on the size and quality you want, prices vary. Then, after purchasing, you’ll need to set up your TV to a cable or satellite or anything else to get access to channels. You can’t connect these TVs to the internet so your only source of entertainment, news, sports, etc. will be the service from service providers. It also does not have any built-in web browsers or apps and can function just fine without Wi-Fi. It does not even have the functionality of a touch screen or voice control. Regular TVs are more affordable as compared to smart TVs and the reason for this is the limited functionality of this TV.

On the other hand, smart TV gives you an unmatched viewing experience with HD quality video and enhanced audio. They can connect to the internet, play videos, music and even come with some built-in apps that you can use. You can get options of 4K and 8K resolution as well. You don’t need to connect any additional equipment with it to be able to watch movies or TV shows. You just need to make sure it is connected to your home network via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. It is technically like a hybrid between a computer and a TV. It comes with its own built-in web browser. Some models also have touch screen functionality. Smart TVs are more expensive than regular TVs as they come with all these additional features. Depending on the type of smart TV you are buying and the number of functionalities it has, the price varies.

Which One Should You Get?

It can be hard to say which one you should go for especially depending on your priorities. If you enjoy your regular TV just fine and don’t need the addition of a touch screen and voice control, then you shouldn’t get a smart TV. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes state-of-the-art entertainment options with smart controls, a smart TV is the choice for you. If we look into the benefits and drawbacks, they both have their equal share of advantages and disadvantages. But that’s a topic for another day.


Smart TVs are most definitely rising in popularity. Whether you choose to have a smart TV or a regular TV, one thing remains the same, you will need a good service provider for a reliable internet connection or cable TVBuyTVInternet Phone helps you to find trustworthy service providers in your area. You can information on their bundles and packages from the website and choose which one suits you best.

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