Though Imperfect, 4G internet

Though Imperfect, 4G internet Has One Big Advantage – Here It Is


Companies offering 4G rural internet access are being hailed as digital saviors in areas where broadband infrastructure doesn’t exist. But as usual, there are detractors. Critics love to mention all the negatives of 4G internet. They love to downplay the technology as being largely unattractive because it is not broadband. It may be imperfect, but 4G internet has one big advantage broadband cannot beat: mobility.

A broadband connection is hardwired. It stays put 24/7. Leave the general proximity of your wi-fi network and your broadband connection becomes useless. Not so with 4G internet. With 4G service, you can take your internet connection with you.

How It Works

Houston-based Blazing Hog explains that 4G internet is cellular internet. The company’s 4G LTE service for rural customers utilizes the same cell towers and cellular signals that make smartphones possible. They don’t do anything remarkably different compared to your cell phone provider.

You can take your cell phone just about anywhere and still get service. That is because cell towers have been set up across the country. And with 5G now being rolled out, nationwide coverage is nearly complete. That means anyone with a 5G or 4G rural internet package can take their internet connection with them wherever they go.

Take It In the RV

The services Blazing Hog offers are targeted at people who live in rural locations. It is intended to be a home-based solution for the most part. But subscribers are not required to use the service only at home. In fact, Blazing Hog encourages customers to take their 4G modems with them on the road. For example, a subscriber could use their service in an RV.

If you have ever done any RV camping before, you know how spotty campground wi-fi can be. Your experience with satellite internet may not be all that good, either. Satellite service suffers from slow speeds and latency. With a 4G package, you can get internet with speeds that rival entry-level broadband.

Better yet, a 4G rural internet package gives you access when you are camping in the middle of nowhere. RV owners who rely exclusively on camp ground wi-fi are out of luck whenever they choose to go boondocking.

Take It When You Move

The portability 4G rural internet offers also comes into play when customers move. They really don’t have to do anything but inform the service provider of the change of address. And that is just for billing purposes. As far as their internet access goes, they just take their equipment to the new house and plug it in. The internet is instantly available.

Customers with traditional broadband sometimes have to jump through hoops when they move. Some have to cancel their subscriptions and sign up with new providers. Then they have to schedule a time for a technician too come out and set things up. If they can manage to stay with the same provider, they still may have to turn in the old equipment and get new equipment from a different branch.

There is no arguing that 4G LTE internet access is not perfect. No internet solution is. But its biggest advantage is mobility. Being able to take your equipment with you and still have internet access almost everywhere in the country is a big deal. You don’t get the same benefit with traditional broadband or even satellite internet.

If you live in rural America and are currently tied to old school dial-up or DSL, consider 4G rural internet instead. In addition to getting service at home, you will also enjoy 4G’s mobility.

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