mobile phones are important

Why mobile phones are important now?


Smart phones become part of our daily life. Without the mobile phone our life will be boring. We are running for something always. All of us were connected to phone. And also connected to social media a lot. Each and every one is having their own phone nowadays. Even kids are spending their most of time in phones. We can’t even restrict them in using phones. So, it’s our duty to choose good mobile for long life usage. Many facilities also have been installed in the mobile phones. It all depends on the money we spent on the mobile. We need to choose according to our need. Some will spend most of the times in smart phones and their work nature also in phone only. So that kind of people needs to choose their mobile phones depending on their usage.

How to choose mobile phones for usage?

Choosing the mobile phones is really a big task. Because there are lot of mobile phones in the market. Definitely it will be confusing thing too. So, we can see about the mobile phones under 30000. It contains many kinds of features for the users to use. This will be helpful for both working persons and home persons too. For doing any activity, we are depending on the phone alone. It replaces many things such as watch, camera, messenger device, computer, etc., everything can be done on this. Here are some phone models which are under 30000 and its features are explained in detail.

Vivo v19: In this phone, the RAM will be 8GB and ROM will be 256GB. The SD card has separate slot too. The extended memory capacity is about 256GB. The back camera is about 48MP and front camera is 32MP. The battery capacity also high here. It is 4500mAh. This phone supports 2G, 3G, 4G and VOLTE too. Android 10.0 version is used here.

Oppo Reno 2Z: The RAM is 8GB and ROM is 256GB. The SD card needs to be installed in the sim slot 2. The extended memory is 256GB. Here the battery type will be non-removable. It is attached to the phone itself and the capacity is about 4000mAh. The android version 9.0 is installed in this phone. It also supports all kind of network services.

Samsung Galaxy A71: Here the RAM is about 8GB and ROM is only 128GB. Comparing to others it is low. But we can install extended memory up to 512GB. So, it will be high to store memory in phone. The phone won’t get hang because images or apps will be stored in the SD card only. Android version 10.0 is used.

Realme X3: The phone will hold 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Here the internal capacity is low but the design will be new and some other features were installed to protect the phone. Liquid cooling system is found here to reduce the temperature of the phone. The camera angle wideness will be extended up to 105 degree. Magnetic induction sensors are used for safety purpose.

Oneplus Nord blue marble: This will be the stunning mobile, which contains 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM. Main thing is, it will be ready to support 5G service. It is an advanced network service. Android 10.0 version and oxygen OS 10.0 is installed here.

So, these are few mobiles with advanced facilities installed in it. It can be last for years but it depends on the usage of mobiles and how we are taking caring of those phones.

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