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Top 7 Cool Gifts for Computer Programmers


Have you ever wondered about what gift can suit the computer programmers in your life? The interests of a programmer may be more technical than yours.

Gift ideas for a computer programmer aren’t the easiest to find. Most of the general nerdy, geeky gifts don’t tap into their kind of work.

Well, we’re here to make it easier with this gift guide for computer programmers. Read on to learn seven gifts for computer programmers with any budget.

1. Computer Accessories

Computer programmers need tools and equipment that can benefit their lifestyle. The first thing you should look for when looking for gifts for computer programmers is computer accessories. Here are some of the best items that you can gift to programmers:

Quality Keyboards

Programmers’ fingers are part of their livelihood, so a keyboard is one of the best gifts for computer programmers. A tactile, accurate keyboard will help them work better and faster, so don’t go cheap. Find an ergonomic keyboard that can protect their wrists and fingers overtime.

Ergonomic keyboards are more fit for typing and avoid giving injuries. There are five types of keyboards:

  • Wave-style
  • Split
  • Key travel

Wave-style keyboards help fit different lengths of your fingers. They make the distance between your fingers travel more consistent. The split keyboard is more for the angle of your wrists to avoid injuring it.

It is two halves of a keyboard placed at angles to fit your body’s shape. With it working with your body shape, it puts less stress on your wrists. Key travel keyboards make you move your fingers further to complete a key strike.

You can also choose to get mechanical keyboards with mechanical switches. They are more satisfying to type with due to the crisp action allowing you to type faster. Mechanical keyboards are more robust, meaning they have a longer lifespan.

Make sure to consider if they want a keyboard that’s either wired or wireless. You should also look at the size and weight for portability and space. Try going for keyboards with backlit keys since many programmers tend to go for an all-nighter.

Mouse or Trackpad

If not a keyboard, why not consider getting a mouse or trackpad with high quality. They come in many colors and shapes which are either full-sized or more compact. Find a mouse with additional buttons for easier and faster access to things on your computer.

Some extra buttons can help open the home menu, open a browser, and do other actions. Make sure to find a trackpad with all the features, from zooming in to photos to the three and four-finger gestures. Computer programmers need the best mouse or trackpad to work efficiently and faster.

A mouse or trackpad is also a great gift when trying to save for other gifts for the incoming Christmas day.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Headphones aren’t very necessary for computer programmers. However, they help to block out distracting noises and allows coders to listen to focus-enhancing music. You can choose to go with: passive, active, or adaptive noise cancellation.

Desk or an Extra Monitor

The surrounding environment of a computer programmer can affect how they work. A great way to improve their working station is by changing their setup with a new desk or workspace. Find a wide desk that can fit multiple screens, which is important for most coders and programmers.

Many developers love a multiple-screen setup. Working with dual monitors can increase overall productivity by 20 to 50 percent. Programmers don’t need to toggle back and forth between apps and tabs to search for something.

2. Software or Programs

Every programmer’s best friend is their editing software and programs that help them every day. Programmers won’t complain if you add another extra tool that makes their work a little easier. You can choose to get many free apps, a premium app, or subscription apps.

Text Editor or IDE

A text editor or an integrated development environment is one primary software tool that a developer needs. Consider getting Sublime Text 3 for its fast and responsive user interface. It has many tools that meet the needs of many computer programmers.

You can purchase the Sublime Text 3 for $80 through their website. Try out BBEdit 13, Ultra Edit, or Visual Studio with tools capable of both app and web development. It has features for coding, debugging, deploying, and testing.

Productivity Software

Backups are the saviors for many computer developers. It’s a great idea to find a cloud service that you can gift to a computer programmer. One of the best online backup apps you can get today is the Carbon Copy Cloner.

Another great productivity software you can gift to a programmer is a password manager. It helps them sort their passwords and encourage them to use more secure passwords for each site. Try out LastPass and Dashlane, which you pay through subscription.

3. Online Programming Courses

Consider gifting a subscription course for different courses for new courses and languages. Some of the best providers include:

  • Udemy
  • Pluralsight
  • GoSkills Unlimited
  • SkillShare
  • Frontend Masters
  • Team Treehouse
  • Egghead
  • Wes Bos

They have huge libraries related to development training and interactive courses. You get to learn more with skill assessments. You can get access to many courses, from HTML and Angular to JavaScript and Python.

4. Virtual Assistants and Automation

It’s the year of technology and automatic machines that help out with the house. Who wouldn’t want automation and virtual assistants that can make your everyday life easier? Any computer programmer would love to have a cleaning robot, automated home, or drone.

Smart speakers are now one of the most popular gifts for computer programmers. It activates with your voice, and you can ask questions or initiate an action. The most affordable smart speakers include Amazon, Apple, and Google.

5. Books

Books are always a practical gift that you can give to a programmer to improve their skills. You can go for a hard copy, audible audio books, or paperback. Here are some of the most popular books that you can gift to a programmer:

  • The Pragmatic Programmer
  • Clean Code
  • Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited
  • AI Superpowers
  • A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript
  • No Degree, No Problem
  • Swipe to Unlock
  • Mazes for Programmers
  • Grokking Algorithms
  • The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Audio books are better for programmers since they spend the whole day at the computer. Programmers don’t have to stop working to read a book. They can simply open up Audible audiobooks with a collection of books they can listen to while they work.

You can also give a Kindle device or books to help your coder friend out. There are many available references and training guides that they can bring with them everywhere.

You can also gift Amazon Kindle Unlimited. It gives them unlimited access to over a million books and magazines.

6. Quirky and Fun Gifts

Everybody loves unique and fun gifts that you can still use for your everyday life. You can give a mug with a personalized printed design to work through the morning. Another great but costly gift is a coffeemaker, brew stations, or coffee grinders.

If they love to go out a lot, give them a laptop bag or messenger bag. Go for a bag that can protect against impact, theft, and water. Some of the best bags include Travel Laptop Backpack, Timbuk2 Commute Messenger bag, and Cuenkondy Camera Backpack.

If your friend lacks clothes, why not make a personalized shirt that can mean a lot for both you and them. It can also be socks and caps for easy personalization. Another option is giving them games that they loved growing up to or a copy of later games.

Ask around and get to know your friend a bit better. This way, you can get them their favorite childhood game. It’s a great way to give them a sense of nostalgia on their special day.

7. Gift Certificates

Can’t decide what to give to a computer programmer? Gift certificates are always a great gift to gift if you’d rather let them choose for themselves. You can send most gift certificates electronically, but some certificates are in physical form.

Why not send Amazon gift cards, which you can send electronically, mailed, or printed at home. You can also get T2 or Starbucks gift cards for the programmers who love to drink tea and coffee. Another coffee-related gift is the Bean Box gift certificate, giving them access to 100 roasted coffee blends.

Seven Cool Gifts for Computer Programmers

Now wrap these items in a bow and get ready to give them to the computer programmers in your life. Take the time to choose which gift suits them the most for an upcoming holiday or birthday. These gifts have a large variety of products that can connect with their work or interests.

Are you looking for more unique gifts for computer programmers? Some people may be picky and may want something specific as a gift. Our guides can help you pick out the best gifts for even the pickiest friends today!

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