4 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Is Expensive

4 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Is Expensive


Cost is one of the major factors while selecting a hosting solution for your website. While you want the best service for your site, you wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket since web hosting is a recurring expense. There are several web hosting services to choose from, like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. While Shared Hosting services are the cheapest, Dedicated Hosting plans are probably the most expensive hosting services. Today, we are going to talk about a Dedicated Hosting Server and why it is so expensive.

1. The entire webserver is dedicated to your site

This is an obvious one. When you buy a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, the web host allocates an entire web server to your site. In most other hosting plans, the server is shared. However, when you are hosting on a Dedicated Server, you are the sole user of the server. Hence, the host needs to recover the cost of buying, running, and maintaining the server. This makes Dedicated Server Hosting in India expensive.

2. Offers optimum security

In today’s times, the security of a website is of paramount importance to most site owners. A single security lapse can cost a business much more in revenue and reputation than the cost of a hosting plan. On a shared server, if one website gets hacked or infected, others stand the risk of getting infected too. On a Dedicated Server, there is no such concern since you are the sole user of the server. Also, you can install any applications or make any configuration changes to boost the security of the Dedicated Hosting Server.

3. Maximum control

Being the sole user also offers you maximum control over the nvme dedicated server – something that is not available on a shared server. Hence, you can customise the hosting environment to suit your site’s requirements and make any changes to the server without worrying about privileges or rights. Also, if you have any proprietary application, a Dedicated Server allows you to run it without any hassle.

4. Better performance

When you are hosting on a Dedicated Server, you choose performance over cost. Since all the resources and computing power of the server are dedicated to your site, you can be assured of optimum performance and fast page loading times. Hence, you can manage high traffic with ease and ensure good site speed even if your site has heavy media files. The added cost of buying a Dedicated Server plan ensures that the performance of your site is not compromised under any circumstance.

Summing up

A Dedicated Server plan can be likened to renting an entire house. While you don’t own it, you have free access to all the facilities and areas of the house and can customise it to suit your requirements. A shared server-based hosting plan is like renting one room in the entire house. While you have control over your room, it is limited to a certain extent. Also, the facilities and common areas are shared, restricting your use. While Dedicated Server Hosting in India is expensive, it is ideal for certain websites. If your site demands a Dedicated Server, then ensure that you research the market well and buy the best Dedicated Server Hosting in India for your business. Good Luck!

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