Cloud Hosting Ideal For Small Businesses

Why Is Cloud Hosting Ideal For Small Businesses?


The last two decades have seen tremendous leaps in technological advancements across industries. In the web hosting industry, the traditional Shared Hosting Server and Dedicated Server are now complemented by virtualization-driven services like VPS Hosting. While VPS is costlier than Shared Hosting plans, the benefits offered far outweigh the costs. 

When you decide to buy web hosting on a VPS, there are several things you need to consider. The primary factor is the virtualization technology used by the host to create the virtual server. There are many technologies available, like OpenVZ, KVM, Citrix Xen, etc. While each technology has certain pros and cons, you need to find one that is best suited to your site’s needs. 

Today, we are going to talk about the KVM VPS Server Technology and help you understand the benefits offered by it so that you can choose the best VPS Hosting for your site.

Server Virtualization and VPS Hosting

The hosting company uses server virtualization techniques to create multiple virtual servers from a single physical web server. This is made possible by using a hypervisor – software that helps create virtual servers. The hypervisor ensures that the virtual servers are separate from the physical resources. KVM is one type of hypervisor.

KVM and its Benefits

KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine is virtualization technology. Linux has KVM in-built that allows it to run the Linux kernel on the root node. This helps the hypervisor to run multiple operating systems on the machine. KVM also works independently of the kernel of the host node, making it possible to ensure that each virtual server has dedicated resources. 

Here are some benefits offered by the KVM VPS Server technology:

1. Offers a server similar to a Dedicated Server

KVM offers a virtual server that is isolated from other virtual servers and has dedicated resources. It also helps ensure that the VPS user has complete access to the control panel. This helps it to create a server that is similar to a Dedicated Server.

2. Helps the user create a customized hosting environment

While KVM ensures account isolation and dedicated resources, it also makes sure that the user has complete root access or administrative rights over the virtual server. Hence, the user can install third-party applications and create a hosting environment customized to the needs of his site.

3. Dedicated IP address

When using a shared web server, one problem that most site owners face is the misuse of the IP address by one user, causing it to get blocked for all users. KVM ensures that every virtual server has a dedicated IP address so that you don’t pay for the mistakes of others.

4. Server Security

VPS Servers are known to be highly secure. If the hosting company uses KVM, then it benefits from Security-Enhanced Linux – the standard security module of the Linux OS. This module offers comprehensive support for security policies and access control, allowing the hypervisor to ensure optimum security of the virtual server.

Summing Up

As you can see, KVM offers a range of benefits to virtual servers. Hence, many hosting providers prefer it to other technologies. However, before you buy VPS Server Hosting, ensure that you understand other virtualization technologies and select the best VPS Hosting for your site. Good Luck!

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