Dedicated Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting


As a site owner, you have a wide range of hosting options available to you like Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS, Shared Hosting, etc. Each of these hosting types has its own set of pros and cons for different websites. Since your website resides in the server, its performance relies on the choice of hosting plan and the efficiency of the web server. In this article, we will talk about two such hosting plans – Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting services and SSD Cloud Hosting compare their features.

Cloud Hosting Services

In Cloud Hosting, your website is hosted on multiple servers which share resources among each other. So, server resources like CPU and RAM are distributed among various websites.

Dedicated Hosting Services

In Dedicated Hosting, your website is hosted on a dedicated physical server. Therefore, you have access to all the resources and can configure it as per your requirements.

Dedicated Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting Services

Features Dedicated Hosting Cloud Hosting
Cost-Efficiency In Dedicated Hosting, since your website is hosted dedicatedly on a physical web server, you have to bear higher upfront costs. Further, you will need to hire the services of technical experts for managing the server. As compared to Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting has lower upfront costs. Further, most Cloud Hosting Providers offer a cost-scalability feature which adds to the cost-efficiency of Cloud Hosting services.
Scalability of Resources As the business grows and your website starts attracting more visitors, you might need to add resources to your hosting plan. Although good hosting providers give instant provisioning for scaling up, other service providers may miss the mark. Cloud Hosting Providers offer instant resource scalability which enables you to add resources like the RAM, CPU, etc. with a few clicks. Therefore, if your website received unpredictable traffic, then you can manage it with ease.
Reliability Since your website is hosted on a single web server, if the server crashes or faces any technical issues, then your website experiences a downtime. In other words, there is a single point of failure. This makes it less reliable as downtime can lead to a loss of business and/or reputation. Cloud Hosting services are designed to be more reliable than most other hosting types. In Cloud Hosting, your website is hosted on multiple servers. Therefore, even if one server crashes, another one immediately replaces it. Hence, your website does not experience any downtime. In other words, there is no single point of failure.

Summing Up

While Cloud Hosting offers a plethora of benefits, Dedicated Hosting services have their own advantages too. Hence, before you start looking for a hosting plan, it is important to assess the features and services that your site needs from the web host. Once you know the hosting type that will suit your requirements, make sure that your research well and compare the plans before buying. Look at the uptime assurance, data center capabilities, storage architecture used, the support provided, etc.

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